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Birthday Dinner
Friday, November 17, 2006

My first son turned nine this month on November 10, 2006. He used to celebrate his birthday either in the school or he invites his friends, teachers, and classmates at home for a party. I think he's gone tired of that because now he requested for a private dinner in a restaurant just for the whole family. He wanted Gloria Maris Restaurant but since we frequented the place before, and the place is a bit far from our place plus the weather is not cooperating, we settled for Matutina's instead. It was the first time my kids tried Matutina's so I let them choose the food.

The menu consisted mostly of fried and grilled seafoods with sinigang and kilawen (cooked in vinegar). Among the choices were pork barbeque, grilled squids, grilled bangus, kilawen na bangus, sinigang na malaga, calamares (fried squids), and crispy hipon (fried shrimps). My family chose calamares, crispy hipon, grilled squids, and kilawen na bangus. Most of these can be cooked easily at home and they are the favorites of beer drinkers since most of the food go well with liquor. The food was simple but since my plan was to able to see my kids eat the food that they ordered, I chose this restaurant in lieu of the rest.
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Wave Pool
Thursday, November 16, 2006
This is the wave pool of Leisure Coast Resort located at Bonuan Boquig, Dagupan City, Philippines. I already mentioned this resort in one of my previous blog but I failed to take a picture of the wave pool. This looks and feels like you are swimming in the beach when it is operating. Unfortunately, it operates only twice a day and 15 minutes per session.

We visited this resort for the nth time on a Sunday before the second semester opened this school year. My husband and I figured that its best to bring the kids out for swimming before the semester started. It was another great day with lots and lots of fun.
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All Saints' Day Today
Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Today, November 1,is All Saints' Day here in the Philippines. The day fell in the middle of the week which is a Wednesday. No holiday on the day before or after this day so that most Filipinos living far from their hometown decided not to go home anymore.

Filipinos celebrate All Saints' Day by going to cemeteries where their dead loved ones lay. The tombs are usually cleaned and painted a day or two before in preparation for this day. During the visit some offer flowers for the dead while most light their candles and offer prayers. They then go home as soon as the candles are melted and prayers have been offered. This is the traditional way of celebrating this once in a year occasion.

The modern Filipino have somewhat modified their way of celebration. In most private cemeteries where the place is very spacious, some put up tents and bring food, liquor, guitar or karaoke or any musical instrument which will help them pass the day with lots of enjoyment. They stay there for the whole day until the wee hours of the night eating and singing together with the tombs of their dead.

Here in Pangasinan, native cakes locally known as malagkit are prepared in most households to be offered to visitors and friends coming over to pay visit. One type of these malagkit is called inlube (in the photo). Inlube is made up of sticky rice and cooked in gata (coconut milk) and sugar. The rice is black in color because it is especially done for All Saints' Day. This black colored sticky rice called deremen is only available in the market during this season.

Deremen is black because it was dried using the smoke coming from charcoal instead of being sun dried after harvest. It was then polished with wood to maintain the color and stickiness. When cooked with the proper proportion of sugar and coconut milk....hmmmm! It's really a delicacy.

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