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Rehab of the Stroke Patient (Part II)
Friday, February 16, 2007

IV. Lying on the non-affected side:
The head must be comfortably stabilized and in line with the trunk which is slightly leaning forwards together with the paralyzed shoulder. The paralyzed arm and hand must be rested on a pillow in 100 degrees forward flexion. The paralyzed leg and foot must also be stabilized by a pillow with the hip and knee slightly bent. The normal arm in a comfortable position with the normal hip and knee extended.

V. Transfer sideways in bed:
The patient lies with knees bent, the heels close to his bottom. Facilitation: the knees of the patients are guided downwards and over the heels. The other hand guides the pelvis upwards and sideways. The shoulders are then moved sideways using the pillow until the trunk is in straight line.

VI. Rolling towards the sound side:
Bend the paralyzed knee, clasp the hands of the patient together, then assist the patient while rolling by holding the hip and the shoulder.

VII. Rolling towards the paralyzed side:
With the cargiver assisting the paralyzed shoulder and knee, the patient must bring the normal leg and arm over to the other side.

VII. Sitting in bed:
Sit the patient in bed with a pillow on the lower back. The trunk must be straight and the head is free to move. The hip must be in 90 degrees flexion with the weight distributed over both buttocks. The arm is positioned forwards with the elbows supported on an adjustable table with a pillow on top

VIII. From lying to sitting:
The patient is rolled over to the paralyzed side with the knees bent. He leans with the good hand on the edge of the bed.

IX. Walking on the bottom:
The patient walks forwards on his bottom by shifting his weight from one side to the other.The caregiver helps him by supporting the hips. The patient keeps the paralyzed hand forwards.

Those are the steps that you can do while taking care of a stroke patient on his road to recovery.
posted by Amelyn R. Rafael,MD @ 10:16 AM  
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