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LNU Medicine Night 2007
Saturday, December 22, 2007
December 1 was the first of the many parties we attended this month. It was the Medicine Night of the medical students of Lyceum Northwestern University. It was attended by all medical students from first up to fourth year and some faculty members. Special numbers were presented by each year level with a dance number from the Thai students (video below). The highlight of the event was the search for Mr. and Ms. Medicine 2007.

Below is a picture of the first year medical students taken during their special number.

Here is a video of the dance presentation from some second year ladies.

The search started with all the students presented per year level from whom finalists were chosen, one pair per year level. Among the finalists winners were chosen based on their personality and the way they answered questions coming from the doctors. They really needed presence on mind to be able to answer the witty questions.

Finally, the winners! A first year Thai student and and a third year student were the Mr. and Ms. Medicine 2007 respectively. What a lovely pair.

Before the activity ended my husband was even chosen as the Star of the Night. I don't know why. But then it was a successful event, a reprieve for everybody's hectic schedule.

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The Story Behind the Short Story
Monday, December 03, 2007
The day Ralph's teacher attached the short story below on his parent journal, he became uneasy. While on the car on his way home that morning, he was unceasingly telling me that there's no way he would be able to memorize the article "because it is too long." The second quarter exams was not even over yet and here goes another thing to memorize.

Daniel and The Lions

There was once a good and kind man named Daniel. He was not only
good but he was also very wise. That was why Darius, the king of
Babylon, chose him to be one of his assistants.

The king had many assistants, but Daniel was the first and highest
assistant because he was the best. The other assistants were jealous
of him. Because of this, they wanted to get rid of him and get his
position. But they could not find anything wrong with Daniel. He had
always been honest and loyal to the king.

However, Daniel was a Jew. He believed in God. King Darius and his
other assistants were not jews. They did not believe in the god of
Daniel. So, the assistants tricked the king into making an order
that would not be good for Daniel.

King Darius ordered that no one should adore anyone except the king
of Babylon. Those who would not obey the order would be thrown into
a cave filled with hungry lions.

When Daniel heard about the king's new order, he felt sad. He loved
King Darius but he loved God, too. thus, he decided to praise and to
adore God secretly.

One day, the assistants came to Daniel's house and caught him
praying. They had him arrested and brought to King Darius. They then
asked the king to throw Daniel into the cave of lions.

King Darius was sad. He loved Daniel like a son. He did not want him
to be killed. But the law was the law.

He said to Daniel, "I hope the God you did not stop praying to will
protect you."

Daniel was not afraid. He knew in his heart that God would help him.
God would not let anything bad happen to him. And so, Daniel was
thrown into the cave of lions.

Early the next morning, king Darius had the cave opened to find out
what happened to Daniel. To his surprise, Daniel was alive and well.

"Daniel," the king said, "your god has saved you!"

"Yes, my king," answered Daniel. "Last night, He sent His angels to
shut the mouths of the lions so that I would not be harmed."

King Darius was very happy that Daniel was alive. And because of
what happened, he also started believing in Daniel's God. Later on,
he asked his people to do the same.

Yes, I agreed with him that it is long. But I promised him that we wont start memorizing until the semestral break was over. I kept the paper out of his view and that gave him some relief. He never mentioned the article again. I almost have forgotten all about it also until it fell from one of my folders at the start of the second semester. I know he doesn't have any choice this time but to comply.

I showed him again the piece and told him that we will be starting to memorize that afternoon. As I have expected, he was restless. He really couldn't believe that he can do it. But I assured him that he can, with just one paragraph per day.

He was able to memorize the first paragraph in less than three minutes. Since we still have plenty of time that afternoon, I was able to ask him with one more. I was amazed at how quickly my son memorized, and he was able to finish the entire piece within five afternoons.

He himself could not believe what he had achieved that afternoon, as he repeatedly stared at the piece of paper. He was so happy that he told every person in the house about it, and he even repeatedly narrated to them the short story.

I am happy with Ralph. He was able to memorize and deliver with no mmmms and ahhhs...With my help, he was able to conquer his fear. Now he is ready for the Education Week. Whether he makes it or not it is already an achievement.
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