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Meet My New Baby
Monday, February 25, 2008
Yes, my new baby is so cute, so easy to carry, to bring along whenever necessary...

Do you agree with me? Right! It's an Eee PC, my new baby is. What made me decide to have it? its portability. With a very mobile person like me, and one with back problem which prohibits me from carrying heavy load, I definitely need it.

It was love at first sight. When I first saw it, I knew it was the right one for me. There's just one problem kids love it too! And each is asking for one.


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Kareta! Kareta!
Sunday, February 17, 2008
It was the last day of my kids' 4th mid-quarter exams when they decided to have fun in the backyard. They must have gotten tired of the usual computer games, play station, or watching DVDs, that they had improvised something to ride on, something to while the time and make it more enjoyable. In Bicol, where our maids and driver came from, its called kareta.

It's actually made of a long pole with two wheels taken from an old toy car attached to one end. One end of a towel is then tied on the center of the pole and the other end tied just above where the wheels are. Voila! you have a kareta. The rider will just sit on the towel, grips his hands on the pole, and wraps his feet above the wheels while the thing is being pushed by someone. Simple isn't it? Maybe its the simplicity of this thing which drove my kids crazy.

My kids' kareta was done by our driver, Eboy. His job does not end there though. He needs to push the thing to make it work. And doing it made the afternoon so enjoyable, really different from the usual. I was about to have a rest upon arriving home when I heard the laughter coming from our backyard. I had to go downstairs again, see for myself, and take photos. My sons took turns riding on it. It was a surprise to see them having fun with just a simple thing called kareta. Really funny!

Here, see for yourself....

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My kids are about to lose their jobs
Thursday, February 14, 2008

When my kids were younger, they would often ask for toys whenever there is an opportunity. I would gladly give to it to them sometimes, until the time that they started schooling, when I started teaching them the value of money.

I started it with Raymund. One day when he was asking me for money to buy a new toy, I felt then that he was already ready to learn its value. So I told him that money need to be earned, that one needs to work for it, that having it because of your own efforts makes you learn to value it more.

He then started thinking for a way to earn, and so he came home one day with a compromise. He asked me if I could pay him Php 20 for every perfect score in his quizzes, Php 100 in minor subjects and Php 200 in major subjects for every perfect score in his major exams. I gladly agreed though I know that I'll be spending more because even before we went into a compromise, I've known Raymund for getting perfect scores in his exams. With Php 20 for each quiz, he regularly receives Php 60 to Php 80 per day, and he is really enjoying it. He would go home disappointed if there was no quiz for that day. "Walang kita", he would often say.

My younger one, Ralph, was just an spectator for several months until he also decided to join. The growing savings of his brother motivated him.

It is now barely a month before the school year ends. Though several quizzes will still come and there is yet one major exam, my kids are already thinking for an alternative way to earn.

I am pretty sure that I was able to drive home my point. Since the time they started earning, they never ask me again for additional money, and they never pushed me to spend unnecessarily thinking that it would only go to waste. When they want to buy something from their savings, they would ask permission from me, and I would let them decide. Oftentimes, they will not pursue because as they say, they would not "let their hard-earned money go to waste."


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Celebrating Valentine's Day
Valentine's day is so commercialized nowadays that going out on the day itself means going to fully packed restaurants or falling on long queues just so you can buy a cake or a pack of chocolates. It became so irritating then that we never go out on the said day. To celebrate the heart's day today, I made sure that my kids will have a special lunch in school. Aside from that I will personally cook something special tonight, something that my family longed for but I wasn't able to prepare because of work (it's a surprise!). I hope to make it on time to prepare dinner!

To all my readers, Happy Valentine's!


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