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A Journey to the Movie house
Sunday, July 27, 2008

The last time I entered a movie house was....uhm....years ago ( I don't actually remember exactly when). It is because it is more convenient for us to watch DVDs at home. Well, as part of my hubby's birthday celebration, I watched a movie on a weekday with the entire family.

Choosing a movie that would suit everyone, especially my six-year-old boy, is a must. I don't want anybody going out of the movie house in the middle of the story just because he is bored or something. So I have to read reviews on the different films being shown and be able to choose the best for our group. It was good it was the first day of screening of Journey to the Center of the Earth. All of us did really enjoy the movie.

It is a fantasy, action, adventure movie with Brendan Fraser as Professor Trevor Anderson, a teacher and the head of the Center of Volcanic Activity. His brother, Max, a scientist, disappeared when he placed the monitoring units he built around the world. Trevor found a secret code in Max's book which matches with volcanic activity numbers. So in his quest to find out what happened to Max, and to check one of his units, he and Sean, Max's son, flew to Iceland. Together with Hannah, a beautiful mountain guide, the three of them were trapped in an abandoned mine. Their search for a way out and be able to return to the surface lead to their discovery of dangerous places and fantasy land found in the center of the earth.

Very nice movie, indeed. Kids will surely enjoy watching it. Actually, there are lots of new movies that can be downloaded free in the internet. Within a span of one week , and with my busy schedule, I have watched four more movies downloaded from free the net - Kung Fu Panda, Hancock, Wanted, and Wall-E. Isn't that nice? I feel so up to date!

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No Exercise with Wii
Saturday, July 26, 2008

Many people think that playing with Nintendo's Wii active games console will give a good exercise and will lessen the risk for obesity. That is why parents buy the unit not only for the kids but for the entire family as well. Since kids love playing with computer games, they eagerly do the different games with Wii - boxing, bowling, tennis, racing, etc. And they can do it inside the comfort of their homes, together with the rest of the family.

Though there is nothing wrong with such games, research study from Liverpool John Moores University, England, recently shows that energy expenditure from such games is very trivial to be able to contribute to weight management that will lead away from obesity. This only means that there is no substitute to doing active sports like jogging, aerobics, swimming, biking and the like.

Some parents reason out that more and more children become obese nowadays because there is no more room for them to play actively compared to olden times when, there were more open spaces like vacant lots, public parks, backyards, where kids can run and play. These spaces have now been replaced by big buildings and structures thus limiting their activity. Well, that is very true but there are still options.

We all know that nobody is safe anymore to bike along the streets, or in the sidewalks. That is why we have stationary bikes, of different models, depending on the purpose that we want to use them. They are very convenient as we can use them while watching TV, or just binding with the kids, while inside our homes. The treadmill, manual or electricity driven, is another alternative which will allow you to burn fat adequately, providing high energy expenditure, also in the comfort of your own homes. And there are still more alternatives to choose from. It all depends on your preference.

Some people are lucky enough to still have the privilege to go out of their homes and do the sport itself. This is a lot better and there is no substitute for it. If you're one of them, then go out now and start your regular exercise.

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He turned 41 yesterday!
Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Who else but the love of my life. My best friend. My adviser. My husband.

He was a heavy alcoholic drinker when I met him. Before we got married he asked me if I will still allow him to drink after we marry. I answered, " Yes, but only occasionally". I was expecting for him to complain but he kept silent. After we married, he became a totally changed man. He only drinks when my uncles ask him to, which is very seldom. I am even the one to tell him that he can drink when we are on parties, but he always decline. When I'm in the grocery, there are times that I buy 2 to 3 cans of beer, his favorite brands, but they are just allowed to expire in the fridge. He only drinks red wine nowadays, once a week, and that's because it is good for the heart.

My best friend turned out to be a very responsible father to our kids. He teaches them to be courteous to everyone, by correcting their manners as he sees them. He is very supportive to all their undertakings.

He was the laundryman and the house cleaner when we were starting out as a couple. He sometimes cook during those days, only when he was really sure of the recipe. Because of time constraints, he does not cook anymore, but he remained to be the driver, plumber, carpenter, and a very good provider.

Life with him is full of happiness. There are no regrets whatsoever. I'm just so lucky having him as my husband.

Happy Birthday, my love!

Don't tell me that I have forgotten it. No, it's beyond that. I was just too preoccupied with work these past days that I failed to find time to post. Anyways, I was the first one to greet you on you birthday.

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Feelings of Acceptance
Wednesday, July 16, 2008
One Sunday afternoon, my hubby told me that my dad called him up because of difficulty of breathing. He said that dad had it immediately after a short jog. Initially, of course, Randy don't know what to think. He has been dad's doctor for his hypertension and diabetes ever since we got married but dad was lost to follow up since he stopped coming home. It was a surprise for Randy to know that dad was still taking the same medicine he prescribed on his last visit. Randy requested for a chest x-ray, prescribed antibiotics for his cough, and asked him to visit us in our clinic.

The next morning, after bringing the kids to school, he again received a call from dad. He was already near our house but dad asked him to go back to Dagupan where he lives. Being the obedient child that he is, he obliged though patients are already waiting in his clinic. He had a short chat with dad over a cup of coffee and assured him that he'll be back the next day with his bag to examine him more thoroughly.

Of course I was surprised to know that he met with him, entered his house, and that he was going back. I was pressing him to tell me what the house look like, how dad looks like, how he is, who was with him when he visited, etc. But he said that I was going with him when he returns to dad's. I don't really know what to say or feel so I didn't answer. But honestly I was thinking about my feelings. What if there's somebody there aside from him when we visit? I was skeptical about going but Randy just laughed when asked if dad wants me to go with him.

I was still undecided but I know that I feel happy just thinking that I was gonna see him. In fact I even bought fruits for him. Maybe this is how it feels if a person finally accepted the situation.

Classes was canceled that Tuesday morning because of heavy rains. So instead of bringing the kids to school and visiting him afterward, the boys came along with us.

It was raining heavily. The maid opened the gate and instructed us to park inside. It is a big house with two cars in the parking space. Dad was in the front door waiting for us. He smiled when he saw the kids stepped out of the car.

My heart was pounding heavily. I hastily approached him, got his right hand and paid him respect. He looked at me and smiled, patted the boys and led us all to the receiving area. His adopted son was there and sat with us. Randy immediately examined him while I scanned the place sitting down.

Dad looked very different from when I last saw him months ago in Manila. He is skinny now. And his blood sugar is way too high. I instantly felt there is something really bad happening to him. After an explanation, he finally agreed to come with us in our clinic for more thorough examination. That was after we had a hearty breakfast with him and prepared by him.

After taking ECG, it saddened me to know that dad is suffering from myocardial infarction. This means that the artery supplying his heart is already blocked making his heart to malfunction. We advised hospitalization but he declined and just asked for medications instead. We advised him on the gravity of his condition and that he is free to call us anytime. He went home after taking his lunch with us.

I felt sorry to see him in this condition. Now I am praying that God will give him more days. To enjoy life with me and my family. To patch up whatever misunderstanding he had with mom and my sister, before it's too late. My feelings for him have not changed at all. I still love him despite his shortcomings. Now I'm sure that I have forgiven him.

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No Internet Connection for Days
Saturday, July 12, 2008
I cannot imagine living nowadays with no internet connection. My entire family depend on it- the kids for their research works, me and hubby for our updates, e-mails, blogs, etc.

We are subscribing from Digitel DSL for several years now and we had no problem. After typhoon Cosme, people in our area learned that selling stolen cable lines will give them large amount of money (it's actually Php250 per kilo). And that's how all this problem started.

I had no problem with Digitel. The manager in their Dagupan City office was really sincere in telling us that they will do their best to restore connections. But it's the people in San Fabian, our town, particularly in Cayanga (our baranggay) and its neighbor, Longos, who are the problem. The moment the lines are replaced, they immediately steal them after the linemen left. They gave Digitel people hard time financially as well because these lines are actually expensive. I don't know what Digitel resorted to but it took them two weeks to restore everything.

Two weeks without internet connection was too long to bear. We had to go to internet cafes if there was really a need. The problem was that I don't have much free time to stay in the place because of my work and so I was not able to update my blogs.

During those two weeks, changing internet provider crossed our minds. But we had to pay around Php 3000 if we terminate our subscription from Digitel. I thought that was too much. So we managed to wait. But the next time it happens again, it's definitely bye-bye from Digitel.

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posted by Amelyn R. Rafael,MD @ 8:58 AM   2 comments
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