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Exercise Motivation
Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Coming from families of hypertensive diabetics, my husband and I make it an effort to shun away these diseases from our systems through the cheapest way we know possible - exercise. That's why my husband and my eldest son enrolled in Garciano Kilat Serrada. This decision is not only for learning self-defense but also because it is a form of exercise.

My own form of exercise is different from that of my family. I do it at home ( in our own gym) utilizing different kinds of CDs ( aerobics, tae-bo, pilates, weight lifting) that I collected over the years. I make it a point to have a variety of exercise from day to day making my muscles respond better and faster. It could be more on the upper body one day, then more on the lower body the next day, then maybe a combination with emphasis on abdominals the following day. Whatever it is, I make it a point to cover all body parts for the entire week. On days when my husband and son cannot make it to Kilat Serrada, they join me at home thus making it a fun-filled activity.

As doctors, we want to make our patients make exercise a part of their daily routine. We feel that through exercise we can lessen the incidence, if not arrest the progression, of the common killer diseases nowadays. And I tell you that motivating them is really the most difficult part. They constantly find excuses just to be able to put it off. Among the common excuses are: not having enough time, no money to enroll in a gym and/or to buy exercise materials like dumbbells, exercise mat, etc.

We start off by just asking them to try even just for two months, at least 3x a week with about 15 minutes per session. We believe that after two months of religious exercise, the change in their health and physical appearance can already manifest. We ask them to do it during their free time while watching the TV. Yes, some patients drop out from exercise. The more health-conscious ones do continue especially after noticing improvements. They are then able to gradually increase the time-duration and frequency of their work outs.

Exercise need not be expensive. It can be done in the comfort of your own home and the materials needed can be improvised. You can do with plastic bottle containers filled with sand if no dumbbells are available, for instance.

Exercise sets no age-limit. My own mom still exercises for an hour 5x a week. And she is still very strong. Of course with the right kind of diet.

Exercise is the key to be able to enjoy life to the fullest. Try it then commit it to life. It is the most that you can do to your body.


posted by Amelyn R. Rafael,MD @ 4:59 PM   2 comments
We Are a Family of Black Belts
Monday, June 11, 2007
My husband and my elder son, Raymund, got promoted recently from just plain black belts to 2nd Dan and 1st Dan black belts respectively. This is in the discipline called Garciano Kilat Serrada. Kilat Serrada is not a kind of sport but purely self-defense. Here, a student learns empty hand fighting, use of chaku, penjak, and arnis as defense, knife-fighting and how to defend yourself at gun-point.

You might be wondering why the need to learn self-defense? In this day and age, more and more people get hold-upped, injured or worst killed in the streets any time of the day. Meeting situations where they could have protected themselves end up in a bad way just because of not knowing what to do.Knowing something about self-defense can change the outcome of events and may even save lives.

One day, as Raymund grows older, he will find his own place under the sun and will be away from us. Knowing that he can protect himself gives us peace of mind.

I was the photographer during that day. I also got videos of some of their demonstrations. Here is a sample of them. I hope you enjoy watching.


posted by Amelyn R. Rafael,MD @ 3:08 PM   0 comments
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