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Lucky with My Hubby!
Sunday, June 17, 2007
Is it easy to be a dad? I think it's not. Working everyday to provide for the family, thinking always for the betterment of the family, getting up early to bring the kids to school, and making time for the family inspite of the busy schedule... that's my husband, the father of my two sons! He is a father, doctor, driver, body guard, plumber, electrician, houseboy...all rolled into one.

We we're classmates in the medical school. Being seatmates and groupmates (our family names both start with the letter R) in every project, ward work, and assignment, we became close and ended up with each other.

When we we're just starting up with our family life, I found out that he can cook and a very good one indeed! He can also wash clothes and iron them ( he do these when we don't have maids). When Raymund arrived, he was also a good baby sitter! I can count on him at night to prepare the baby's milk or to cradle him and put him to sleep. He is so caring that he watches over the baby the whole night when he's sick. As the kids' grew older, he became their best friend. He always make time to play with them. In fact, he turns down appointments if they interfere with his playtime with them.
As a husband? He is the best for me. He is understanding, very supportive and his love is overflowing. Saying "sorry" is one of his virtues. I may not have the best in life but I'm lucky enough to have the best husband in the world!

To my husband and all the fathers out there...Happy Father's Day!

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Will I Greet Him on Father's Day?
Thursday, June 14, 2007
Father's Day is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of June. It is during this day when we pay tribute to our fathers for all the good things they have done to us. While this year's Father's Day is fast approaching, one question keep on popping on my mind: Will I greet my own father on that special day?

He lives with his other family (his other wife and their adopted son) for some years now. We rarely see each other though he stays two towns away from us. Our means of communication is either through telephone calls or text messages. I last received a text message from him on my birthday (June 6) just to greet me. No more no less. He never asks anything about his grandsons, or on how we are doing, much more about my mom who lives with me and my family.

My relationship with him is erratic. I guess because we live in the same province where it is impossible not to see him with his other family. Maybe because I still love him not only because he is my father but because I had wonderful memories with him when I was still growing up. Maybe because I idolized him so much when I was still a child. Maybe because....

He is closer to my elder sister who stays in Manila. Oftentimes he would call her and sometimes visits her in her house and stays with her for a few days. It is from my sister that I learn most of the latest happenings about him. Maybe because she is more open-minded. I don't know. All I know is that I feel pain whenever I think of him. This is the reason why I never greeted him on any special occasion.

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posted by Amelyn R. Rafael,MD @ 7:16 AM   4 comments
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