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Tips to Control Eating
Monday, October 01, 2007
Obesity is such a health problem nowadays that it leads to a number of disorders called metabolic syndrome or syndrome X. And since we simply don't have enough time everyday to do everything, much more to exercise, then maybe these simple tips to control eating will help us lose some of those pounds, or if not, will help us not to add more.

1. Keep high-calorie foods out of sight. Of course it is better that these foods (ice cream, peanuts, brownies, cakes, etc.) are not available at home especially if you are in a diet. It would be too tempting seeing them at the table. But for those of you who can't avoid buying them because the kids love them, then it is best that you hide them where only your kids know where to find them, or putting them in places not readily visible to you, like putting the ice cream inside the freezer at the back of the fishes for example. They would be constant temptations the more they are visible.

2. Separate eating from other activities. This will require you to focus on eating and enjoy what you eat. Doing other activities such as watching TV or reading the paper will cause you to get all the calories. This also makes you pair the activity with eating so that you will always try to look for something to eat every time you do these activities.

3. Stick to schedule. Always wait for the time, whether for snacks or regular meals. Think first before you act.

4. Keep healthy snacks visible and available. They should replace the space vacated by high-calorie foods so that anytime you feel the urge to eat you can easily reach for them. Keep them where you can easily grab them when you feel not yet satisfied with your regular meals.

5. Eat slowly, one portion at a time. Serve yourself only one portion of food, take your time to chew and enjoy your meal. This will give your stomach enough time to send signal to your brain that you are already full. By the time you finish one portion, you may not be hungry anymore to get another one.

6. No to sweets for dessert. There are lots of healthy desserts such as fresh fruits or gelatin. They contain fewer calories and taste just as good. You may even skip dessert if you feel full or no longer hungry.

7. Drink water instead of alcohol or sweetened drinks. They are loaded with calories with little or no nutrients at all.

I hope these tips will help you trim down as it did to me and my husband. It would be best of course if you couple healthy eating with exercise. Indulgence is allowed once in a while as long as you don't overdo it.

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posted by Amelyn R. Rafael,MD @ 3:49 PM   2 comments
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