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No Internet Connection Again!
Sunday, August 24, 2008
Today is Sunday, and I'm spending a part of it in an internet cafe just because we have no internet connection AGAIN. Our internet provider, Digitel DSL, failed to provide us connection for almost two weeks now for the same reason as before - stolen cable.

My husband already contacted their office but they just couldn't do anything. We just have to wait. But until when is really a problem. There is no definite date given.

The problem is we still have to pay in full though the problem is on their part. This has really affected my family. And that include the kids. Internet connection is really a necessity in our household.

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posted by Amelyn R. Rafael,MD @ 4:56 PM   4 comments
No Internet Connection for Days
Saturday, July 12, 2008
I cannot imagine living nowadays with no internet connection. My entire family depend on it- the kids for their research works, me and hubby for our updates, e-mails, blogs, etc.

We are subscribing from Digitel DSL for several years now and we had no problem. After typhoon Cosme, people in our area learned that selling stolen cable lines will give them large amount of money (it's actually Php250 per kilo). And that's how all this problem started.

I had no problem with Digitel. The manager in their Dagupan City office was really sincere in telling us that they will do their best to restore connections. But it's the people in San Fabian, our town, particularly in Cayanga (our baranggay) and its neighbor, Longos, who are the problem. The moment the lines are replaced, they immediately steal them after the linemen left. They gave Digitel people hard time financially as well because these lines are actually expensive. I don't know what Digitel resorted to but it took them two weeks to restore everything.

Two weeks without internet connection was too long to bear. We had to go to internet cafes if there was really a need. The problem was that I don't have much free time to stay in the place because of my work and so I was not able to update my blogs.

During those two weeks, changing internet provider crossed our minds. But we had to pay around Php 3000 if we terminate our subscription from Digitel. I thought that was too much. So we managed to wait. But the next time it happens again, it's definitely bye-bye from Digitel.

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posted by Amelyn R. Rafael,MD @ 8:58 AM   2 comments
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