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After the Storm
Sunday, May 25, 2008
Two days after typhoon cosme brought havoc to our lives, the kids pestered me to go to Dagupan City just to look around. They wanted to see for themselves the condition of the place and the extent of the damage which is causing the prolonged brownout. So we decided to go that day and buy our groceries. They insisted to come (though I disagreed) thinking that it will be a walk in the park, maybe because they are too bored staying inside the house. They learned their lesson well for we had to wait in the queue four hours just to be able to reach the cashier and pay our groceries. They had to bear the heat and learn to be more patient.

My kids are so used living comfortable lives and staying in air-conditioned rooms is one thing they can't do without. That's why we chose a school with air-conditioned classrooms and we go to an air-conditioned church. I often wondered how they will adapt if these life's comforts are no longer in their midst. I would always think that they will have great difficulty coping. But life after typhoon cosme proved me wrong.

Of course the change wasn't immediate but slowly they are able to sleep at night with just the wind coming from the electric fan ( we have our generator set turned on at night). They also are able to take naps in the afternoon with the soft breeze blowing from the window. If before they spend most of their time during this summer break watching TV, DVDs, play station, surfing the net and playing computer games, with very little time spent opening their books, now it's the other way around. And I'm so glad that books I bought from Time Life did not go to waste. I hope that they will continue to appreciate good books as they move on in their lives.

It's now one week with no electricity. We have adjusted to the routine. In fact we haven't notice that it's already one week since then. Though we hope that electricity will be restored soon, I am so glad my kids are flexible enough, to be able to cope with life's imperfections.

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I Want a New Toy
Sunday, July 22, 2007
I always hear this phrase from kids whenever I am in the grocery, or department store, or anywhere near a mall. They just love to have new toys, cheap or otherwise, everytime. They never get tired of a new toy until they discover how it functions, how it came about. In short if they can disassemble it, they would.

Even with no occasion I would buy one for each of them. But only if it fits my budget. Just so I can offer something when I arrive home. But this does not happen always. I also know when to say "No" if I have to say it.

They never fail to try to test me whether i'll agree or not. They will always be very happy if I agreed. If I don't they would always ask why. Of course, I will explain. Sometimes I offer to buy them food instead so that they will also learn the value of money.

One time my mom handed my son Ralph Php 500 for a new toy. I reminded him that it will be divided equally between the two of them. But while Raymund was still in school (he is in grade 4 now), Ralph prodded his dad to accompany him buy a new toy. So the two of them went to the mall. It was also there where me and Raymund will meet them and we will all go home together afterwards.

When Raymund and I reached the mall and saw Ralph carrying the big box of robot, I already had a hint that Raymund did not have anything left from the money given by grandma. Oh, I was worried Raymund might complain. I learned later that there was only Php 100 left. To my surprise, Raymund gladly accepted it. I offered additional money just in case he won't be able to buy any toy out of it. But he declined saying, "No, mom, just add that money to your grocery shopping. I know nutritious foods are expensive nowadays."

I just gave my son a smile, a kiss, and a hug. But his words meant a lot to me.

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