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Self-righteous People
Friday, August 03, 2007
With my job, I meet lots of people everyday. In my clinic, I see to it that I'll be accommodating to all of them - med reps and patients from all walks of life. Outside my territory, I make it a point to smile and show respect especially when I'm entering new grounds. But still, some people are so self-righteous that they show no amount of consideration.

What am I driving at?

I work as a school physician and part-time faculty in one Nursing school here in Dagupan City. I know of my duties and responsibilities even before I set foot in any of their classrooms. I know that I have to be in school at 8AM on Saturdays and should not leave until after 5 PM.

Being the early bird that I am, I always arrived 30 minutes ahead of time. I had to stay up to past 6PM or until the mass in the school chapel, which I regularly attend together with my family, ends.

August 21, 2007. It was the preliminary examination. I had to divide my morning lecture class into two groups to avoid overcrowding inside the room. I gave each group 1 1/2 hours to finish the exam. Same was true with my afternoon class.

I stayed in the classroom up to 5PM checking test papers. I wasn't actually aware of the time. I hurriedly went down to the finance office to have my "time out". The computer is inside this office and the door was locked when I arrived there.

It was Saturday afternoon and all offices were already closed. I couldn't find a single soul to ask for help. I decided to go to the guards and ask for help. One of them told me to proceed to the chapel and wait inside. They are just going to inform me when they had opened the office. I obeyed and waited. Several minutes passed but no call from them.

Before the mass started at 5:15PM, I went again to check but I got the same response.

I was jittery during the mass. I'm always like this whenever there's something that I failed to do. After the mass, I went again to the guards but I did not see them in their post. I went again to the finance office but it was still close. It was late so I decided to go home.

July 28, 2007. I went to the finance office at 8AM to tell my story but the people I am supposed to talk with were still not around. Somebody told me that they don't come on time when the bosses are not around. So I proceeded to my lecture and decided to go back on my break time.

Finally, I was able to tell them my story. I was met with a stare that tore me down to my innermost person. They simply don't believe me. I felt like I was melting in their eyes. As if I was telling a lie!

I went back to the guards and told them what just happened at the finance office. They too seemed not to remember what happened on August 21. Oh, was I living in a nightmare? Was I hearing the right words from these people?

I teach because I just love doing it. For the people who really know me, they will agree that it is just my passion. I get paid from this job for only Php 130/hour. I am not complaining. Anybody will think that the amount I get from it is small but it is not the money that matters. The satisfaction I get from it is more than enough for me not to see - the fatigue and the little amount that I receive.

They may take away from me my salary because they don't believe I was there. But they can't take away the fulfillment that I get to be able to impart my knowledge to the younger generation.

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posted by Amelyn R. Rafael,MD @ 12:16 PM   0 comments
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