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Ralph Won Gold
Sunday, July 29, 2007
Nutrition month is celebrated annually in my kids' school. In previous years they featured different fruits and vegetables and how they were prepared in nutritious and healthy meals. Because of my hectic schedules I never had a chance to attend. Yes, not even once. Oftentimes, I asked the yaya to bring the camera and take pictures of my kids just for me to have an idea of what they were doing. These nutrition month celebrations were done in festive ways giving the kids so much enjoyment and treasured memories. It is successful in its aim to impart healthy eating to every child.

This year's celebration is again different. The grade IV class, where son Raymund is, were tasked to prepare snacks. And what healthy snacks could a child prepare than different kinds of sandwiches!

I taught Raymund at home on how to prepare the egg sandwich. He was ready for the contest on that day. He brought with him 3 boiled eggs, salt and sugar, tasty bread, a bottle of Lady's Choice sandwich spread instead of mayonnaise (he prefers it with pickles), a plastic plate where the sandwich is to placed, a plastic mixing bowl, and the utensils. That is him smiling on the camera together with friend Carlo. Obviously, he was enjoying what he was doing.

The photo shows the end product of their effort. Unfortunately, they did not win, haha. They failed in the presentation. His classmates brought with them nice plates, nice table cloth, table napkins, elegant utensils, etc. Theirs are really nice and well done. My son said its because their moms were there and they helped in setting the table. I felt sorry for my kid. I wasn't told the contest would include setting the table. Anyway, I am still very happy for his accomplishment. The important thing is that he was able to do it on his own. While his classmates brought with them cooked ham and cooked bacon and they were just ready to put everything together, my kid had to mashed the yolks and whites, mix them, stir in the mayo, and add the needed amount of salt and sugar. In short, he learned something! He wasn't even able to bring healthy drinks. So he thought of buying C2 instead and poured them in wine glasses. Oh, the judges thought it was wine!

The best thing that happened that day is with my son, Ralph. In preparatory level, they had a cake decorating contest. Ralph (in yellow apron) won gold! Yes, I couldn't believe when he handed me his medal together with the cake. The cake is not so clear in the picture (below). His yaya said they chose it because the decoration is not so crowded. There's just a short "Stick-O" on one side of the cake, a little flower beside it, and near the flower is a butterfly. On the other side is a star and a few of those little colorful bars you often see on top of dough nuts.

I was wondering where he got the idea of his decoration. Is it because we all love cakes in the house and he is so used to seeing different types on the table, or is he really artistic and creative at that? Anyway, winner or not, both of them made my day!

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posted by Amelyn R. Rafael,MD @ 6:46 PM   4 comments
Preparation for Nutrition Month Celebration
Thursday, July 26, 2007
I planned of staying at home the whole day today. There are lots of catching up to do. Mostly paperworks. But during breakfast my sons reminded me of their nutrition month celebration tomorrow. That means I have to go to the grocery and buy the ingredients they needed for tomorrow's occasion. They will be having a contest on the most nutritious food. Every grade level was grouped into two's. The grade IV class will prepare the morning snacks, lunch for grade V class, and afternoon snacks for the grade VI class.

I asked my son if he has something in mind on what food will he and his classmate will prepare. He said that he has no idea. That means that I still have to choose something that is nutritious and easy to prepare. My 9-year old Raymund doesn't even visit the kitchen! My gosh, how could he and his friend win? "Mom, it's just a play", he said.

I decided to teach him how to make an egg sandwich. I also taught him on the right presentation. Oh, egg is nutritious! Mixed with pineapple tidbits and mayo, it tastes great! Actually he was able to finish everything that we prepared. I just hope he can do it on his own tomorrow. I'm feeling nervous!

The day is almost through and I haven't started yet with my scheduled work. Really, how time flies so fast.

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posted by Amelyn R. Rafael,MD @ 4:32 PM   4 comments
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